Pandora’s Tower, developed by Japanese studio Ganbarion, is coming to the West on April 16th, with a release price of $40. The title was announced for localization last January by publisher Xseed, which is known for localizing series such as Ys and Rune Factory. Pandora’s Tower is the last of the three “Project Rainfall” games to be localized, along with Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story, which was also published by Xseed.

Along with the release date, a trailer was released on the games official website.

Pandora’s Tower is a love story with an interesting twist. Our two heroes, Aeron and Elena, couldn’t be more star crossed. Elena is a lovely young singer who is cursed to turn into a monster. The only way to stop the curse is for Aeron to feed her the flesh of several monster “Masters” throughout the titular tower. And some say romance is dead!

Pandora’s Tower arrives April 16, then will likely disappear forever so it might be wise for fans to pre-order!